Develop R&D formulations in days, not months.

Turing software cuts R&D product development time with augmented AI and collaborative workflow .

The World's Top Brands and 5th Largest Retailer Innovate With Turing

Goodbye Trial-and-Error.

Hello True-and-Trusted.

The traditional product development process can not keep up with dynamic customer needs. It restricts R&D innovation, fragments data across silos, and wipes out institution knowledge.

Turing is the R&D digital transformation platform that top global CPGs trust. Evaluate and optimize R&D outcomes - all in one place - faster than ever. Turing AI is built for CPG R&D and product development.

Turing Brings
Startup Speed to CPG R&D.

The Turing Platform, built specifically for CPG R&D, helps you create innovative new brand formats, enter new product categories, and transform existing products at mind-blowing speed.
Be Fastest-to-Market
Meet changing consumer needs in weeks, not years
Build Superior Products
Develop best-in-class sustainable products
At Lower
Radically improve margins without impacting quality

Achieve R&D Digital Transformation At Scale.

What can you do with Turing?

1. Unify Your Knowledge

Quickly input, consolidate, and visualize your R&D data and subject-matter expertise so you can spend less time entering and hunting for data, and more time innovating.

2. Simulate Product Outcomes

Evaluate hundreds of product variants instantly. No more iterative manual tests. No more endless consumer testing. No more wasted time.

3. Optimize Product In Minutes

Fully optimize your new products, at scale, to meet specific business or product goals. This means better products, bigger margins, and blazing speed.

4. Know, What You Don’t Know.

Turing identifies and recommends where more research is needed to fill your knowledge gaps within product, formulations, ingredients, and customer insights so you can see your future, today.
Turing's production-ready AI model can be tuned to your needs in just 2-5 weeks. Contact us.

Turing reduced the renovation of new variant
from 12 months to 4 weeks, a record-breaking time-to-market. Turing helped our brand innovation team optimize new products at start-up speed.

— Senior Vice President, R&D - Home Care
Top 5 Global CPG Company (ask us for the reference)

Proven Results In Weeks, Not In Years.

2 Hours
Get insights into Turing’s capabilities in R&D,  best practices, and highest-value use cases.
2 -3 days

Assess digital transformation readiness
1-3 weeks
Leverage Turing's data automation scripts to rapidly synthesize human intelligence and R&D data.
2-5 weeks

Deployment in production
Deploy the tested Turing platform into cloud environment. Incorporate user feedback and optimize algorithms to drive ROI on digital R&D assets.

Innovate now. With Turing.

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