The Fastest Way to
Reformulate & Innovate

With Turing AI you can do much more than formulate better products.
Out-compete, out-innovate & win over market segments faster.

How it works

A streamlined workflow for CPG product development and innovation.


Monetize Your Digital Assets

We aggregate your critical data and product development goals to build an AI-driven insightful knowledge base that will guide you towards building the perfect product.

See Potential Results

Modify formulations for any outcome, and see the impact on any outcomes instantly. Compare your ideas with benchmarks and competition.

Rapid Formulation

See optimal formulations in minutes. You can let our AI engine make a recommendation. Your team can further refine the recommendations through feedback loop.
data + ideas
Optimal formula

Turn your data & best ideas into a matrix that shows exactly what drives consumer choice.

For R&D Departments

Speed of Iteration

In silico iteration helps R&D and insights teams innovate faster because they're able to see potential outcomes before investing resources in them.

For Formulation Scientists

Speed of Formation

Quickly seeing the impact of changing each ingredient allows scientists to craft better formulations, faster.

For Marketing Teams

Speed to Market

By speeding up the R&D process, marketing teams are able to beat our competitors to market with a product that meets consumer needs.

Let's talk about speed.

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Digital lab os

A new operating system for developing breakthrough products in record time.

Your Existing Formulations
Use learnings & data from your existing product formulations and ingredients
Your Packaging Material
Factor in the packaging's impact on product stability
Your Process Data
Utilize data you have about your processes
The Result
Innovative New Formulation (AI driven)

Auto-Optimized Formulations

Set your goal. Tell us what it should cost and outline constraints. Give us details about the packaging. Then, see the optimized formulation.


Increase Consumer Preference

Automatically find the best, innovative formulations for specific target markets.

76% Increase in Shelf Life

Pinpoint ingredients that impact shelf life.

44% Cost Decrease

Ensure cost cutting measures do not impact the quality of your product.

Get Your Experts to Weigh In

We help you ensure that expertise is requested and digitized.

Filter Top Drivers

You can filter top drivers by geography, customer segment, or any other attribute.

Optimize For Cost & Sensory Attributes

Focus on what matters most to your market while keeping cost under control.

Find The Right Ingredients, Faster

We make it easy for you to quickly see the best ingredient based on any criteria.

Your Digital Lab Bench

Formulators use our digital lab bench to see the outcomes of modifying ingredients and auto-optimize their formulations, in seconds.

  • Compare results to a benchmark product
  • Modify ingredients & visualize the outcome
  • See ingredient interactions
  • Visualize & modify recommended formulations
  • Determine which formulations meet your goals
  • Set constraints including cost

Faster is an understatement

Decrease the time from concept to production by months from a traditional process.