AI-Driven Success in CPG: 4 Stories of Transformation with Turing Labs

May 2, 2024
3 min

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is undergoing a transformative digital shift, and at the heart of this evolution is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in Research and Development (R&D) teams. Leveraged correctly, AI can become an indispensable tool for these companies, enabling them to streamline processes, optimize formulations, and expedite time-to-market.

R&D teams are harnessing the power of AI platforms like Turing to extract actionable insights from vast datasets, simulate product testing, and discover synergies between ingredients more efficiently than ever before. This digital transformation not only accelerates product innovation but also enables CPG companies to maintain their competitive edge in a rapidly changing market landscape.

Let's explore four remarkable success stories where organizations leveraged the power of Turing's AI Platform to overcome complex challenges, streamline operations, and achieve exceptional outcomes.

1. Cutting Sugar Content for CPG Leader: A Sweet Success

Achieved a 10% reduction in sugar content, potentially saving $6 million in ingredient costs


A leading CPG company faced a daunting task - reducing sugar content in its barbecue sauce to align with new ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals. The company had already invested significant time and resources in creating and testing prototypes and sugar-alternative ingredients.


Turning to the Turing platform, the company found a solution. Turing's AI recommendations led to formulations with 10% less sugar while preserving the sauce's other attributes. This not only met their ESG goals but also eliminated 90% of manual efforts and testing, accelerating time-to-market by several quarters.


Within just two rounds of experiments, the company achieved a 10% reduction in sugar content, potentially saving $6 million in ingredient costs. By partnering with Turing, the company reduced testing costs by 90%, freeing resources for innovation and maintaining its market share in the competitive BBQ sauce market while achieving ESG targets.

2. Perfecting Plant-Based Cheese: A Dairy-Free Triumph

Achieved a remarkable 98% melt-rate replication and reduced formulation time from 2 years to 4 months


A Worldwide Food Company ventured into the plant-based cheese market, aiming to replicate the melt performance of dairy-based cheese. However, their formulation process was inefficient, and product performance fell short of expectations.


Enter Turing's AI Platform, which provided an interactive ingredient matrix and predictive tools for formulators. By analyzing targeted data, the platform generated 12 unique plant-based formulations, each utilizing a diverse set of ingredients.


In just three months, the platform achieved a remarkable 98% melt-rate replication for five out of twelve recommended plant-based formulations. This success allowed the company to focus on other aspects of product development and reduced formulation time from 2 years to 4 months, signaling a breakthrough in plant-based cheese innovation.

3. Home Care Brand's Rapid Innovation: A Stain-Free Transformation

Saved $9.7 million annually, improved stain removal by 7.3%, and whiteness performance by 3.8%.


A global Home Care Brand was grappling with a sluggish product development process for its laundry detergent. Lengthy trial-and-error testing cycles were causing them to lose market share and face rising ingredient costs.


Turing's AI Platform became their digital R&D lab. By analyzing targeted data, the platform identified optimal detergent formulations, reduced testing time by 38%, and cut formulation costs by 8.8%. The company's detergent reached the market seven months faster.


The Home Care Brand saved $9.7 million annually, improved stain removal by 7.3%, and whiteness performance by 3.8%. Turing's AI Platform transformed their product development, ensuring a competitive edge in the global market.

4. Streamlining Safety Testing: The Personal Care Smell of Savings

Achieved a reduction in testing costs by 90%.


A top-five CPG company faced a bottleneck in safety testing for its market-leading aerosol deodorant. Lengthy physical testing processes were hampering product launches and endangering market share.


They looked to Turing's AI platform to validate digital formulations with high accuracy, replicating physical testing. This approach aimed to significantly reduce testing time and improve the speed of product development.


The CPG company was able to reduce testing costs by 90%. The platform achieved exceptional accuracy levels of 88% to 96% across key safety categories for aerosol deodorant.

These four success stories demonstrate the platform's remarkable ability to transform businesses, drive cost savings, and accelerate time-to-market. As we continue to embrace the possibilities of AI, Turing's AI Platform is at the forefront, leading the charge towards a more efficient and innovative future.

About the author(s).

Manmit Shrimali

Co-Founder, Turing Labs Inc.
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