Global Homecare Brand Achieves Product Superiority 7 Months Faster with Turing’s AI Platform


Slow response to lost market share due to lengthy and expensive trial-and-error testing process

This Global Homecare Brand – trusted by consumers around the world for six decades – was losing market share and revenue for its powder laundry detergent. Competitive benchmarking showed it was due to low scores in whiteness and stain removal.
In addition, ingredient costs continued to rise. They needed to keep evolving to maintain product superiority and win back consumers. Developing new detergent formulations was a lengthy process that took 8-12 months and required extensive testing. The R&D team was missing deadlines and market trends when they would launch updated products too late to compete.
The company needed to reduce their reliance on physical testing to get to market faster, while keeping formulation costs within budget and improving product performance.

The Product:
Laundry Detergent
The Goals:
Improve margins, profitability, and speed to market
The Solution:
Digital R&D lab to simulate performance of influential attributes and eliminate testing
“Turing’s ability to quickly recommend optimal formulations that reduce cost and improve performance helped us win back market share across 40 markets globally.”
-Head of R&D


Utilize Turing’s AI platform to accurately simulate lab, sensory, and consumer tests and discover optimal formulations that reduce cost and boost product performance

Working with Turing, the company began gathering and transmitting highly-targeted data - including consumer tests, descriptive analytics, formulation data, and cost data - into Turing’s AI platform.

Turing’s platform was purpose-built for CPG Lean innovation, so it discovered relationships across these data points and enabled the R&D team to understand key drivers of sensory measures and consumer preferences. The platform also helped instantly and accurately identify synergies between ingredients that previously were not known, which helped speed up iterations and reduce reliance on physical testing.

The Homecare Brand was essentially enabled with a digital R&D lab that provided an optimized testing framework and recommendations for optimal detergent formulations that were cost-effective and performed better in whiteness and stain removal. As a result, the client reduced formulation testing time in lab, sensory, and consumer tests by cutting trial-and-error tests. The company discovered a winning product formulation in just a few weeks instead of their standard of several months.


Armed with in-silico operational agility, the homecare brand was able to reduce physical testing by 38% and formulation costs by 8.8%, which equated to $9.7 million in savings per year. Turing’s ability to simulate ingredient synergies led to a new formulation that performed better in key areas: improving stain removal by 7.3% and whiteness performance by 3.8%. The company was able to get their detergent to market seven months faster, as well, so they could quickly respond to competitors, trends, and consumer preferences and maintain market share on a global scale.

reduction in physical testing
faster time to market
savings in product testing per year
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